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For smoother embedded systems development, design - out the hardware
Rather than wait to begin embedded software development until the hardware is complete and unti 5b4 l requirements are fully specified, instead separate the "what" from the "how" in your design and design-out the hardware Details... more »
World's Leading Computer Core Power IC Maker Introduces New Generation of Fast and Efficient Controllers for Intel Montevina Platform (ISL6266A)
ISL6266A ensures Intel specification compliance in mass production and, along with a 0.5% system accuracy over temperature, the overall output decoupling requirements leading to lowest total output capacitor cost. Details... more »
MAX16046, MAX16048 - 12 - /8 - Channel Voltage Sequencers/Monitors/Marginers Use Nonvolatile Fault Registers to Store Data and Help Identify the Cause of a System Failure
hese devices sequence, reverse sequence, monitor, and margin up to 12 supplies (MAX16046 / MAX16047) or 8 supplies (MAX16048* / MAX16049). This integration is unparalleled in the industry. The principal applications for the MAX16046 – MAX16049 are high-reliability systems such as storage, telecom, or networking equipment where a large number of voltage rails exist in a single system. Details... more »
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